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BEWARE. Spectacular Computer Repair which goes under other names (i.e., B2B IT, Leiser Enterprises, Spectacular Stuff, LLC) is DEFINITELY INCOMPETENT and may be dishonest.

I found “Spectacular” through Thumbtack. Wayne, whose card says CTO, offered to evaluate my laptop for $75 at my home. Upon arrival, he required my signature on a contract before he would look at my laptop, which he VERY quickly verbally reviewed. This was unusual.

Most vendors do not do this. There is a reasonable expectation between the parties that the vendor will provide service for which the buyer will pay and the vendor will stand behind their work. I should have been suspicious. Wayne then proceeded to identify problems using the internal Event Log (this is similar to what the Microsoft Windows scammers do).

HE DID NOT CHECK THE RAM OR HARD DRIVE even though he could have used something like Ultimate Boot CD (which is free) to run a quick check of the RAM on site. Again, I should have been suspicious. He proposed a charge of $295 for the repair, which included replacing Kaspersky anti-virus software with Malwarebytes (an anti-malware application). He then took the laptop to his shop.

24 hours later he returned the laptop declaring that he had worked on it late into the night. Then he had me purchase Malwarebytes ($39.95) on line. I then proceeded to open a Word document and immediately the laptop crashed due to a memory error. THIS DEFINITELY CONFIRMS THAT WAYNE DID NOT CHECK RAM OR THE HARD-DRIVE AT HIS SHOP.

He said I had to get new memory from Lenovo. I asked that he assist me with the call for which he charged me $40. Total paid to Wayne was $335. Lenovo sent the memory which I then had installed by a Lenovo dealer in Tampa.

That took 5 minutes. While there I had them review Wayne’s handwritten almost unintelligible Evaluation Report. They informed me that the “problems” (codes) he had found were all fixable on site and some were not even problems and that the $335 charged was outrageous. (Wayne had also offered to replace the memory card once received for another $125).

They further stated that replacing Kaspersky with Malwarebytes was just flat wrong as Malwarebytes is not a complete suite of antivirus software.

Hence, he left my computer vulnerable to attack. Noteworthy, is that shortly after I disputed the $335 charged to my credit card my email address book was hacked.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to "the $335 repair charge to my credit card has been disputed. no further action required" as the author lost $335. LTS is overall dissatisfied with Spectacular Computer Repair and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1257721


There was a total of 9.5 hours spent between working directly with this client and repairing his computer. With the average cost of $75.00 per hour for normal business hours and $125.00 per hour for anything outside of normal business hours in Sarasota for a certified computer technician, this repair could have cost him in excess of $712.50 had he been paying another company by the hour.

We billed him almost 50% less than the average cost in Sarasota for his repair. We believe that is more than fair.


We went out of our way for this client in attempting to satisfy everything that we could. We came out and performed a full computer evaluation and found massive corruption and damage on the operating system. This was due to the computer being repeatedly shut down improperly.

We took his computer back to the office in the morning and stayed 3.5 hours after closing to ensure we would have his computer back to him the next morning. We were very forthright in the amount of time is was going to take to repair his system, the cost was provided to him ahead of time and the fact that we believed he had bad memory in the computer because of the error codes that were being provided from the "Blue Screens" or windows crashes that had been happening on his system discovered during our evaluation process. In fact, we told him we would have the computer back to him in 2 -– 3 business days and had his computer back to him the very next day. We informed him, prior to taking the computer, that if the PC did indeed have bad memory in the computer he would continue to have issues until that memory is replaced.

We even informed him of this a second time via email on a Saturday when the shop is closed for business.


First, we do require a signature authorizing to us to look at the computer and perform a full computer evaluation. This however, is not the contract. This is a single page stating that we are authorized by the client to visually and verbally review the system. We do not require a signature on the main contract until after pricing is discussed and agreed upon, servicing work is authorized by the client and we have read the contract to the client so they know and understand what they are signing.

MEMORY & HARD DRIVE EVALUATION Lester is claiming we did not look at the RAM or Hard drive. He is very aware that this is a completely inaccurate statement. He was also very aware that we found errors with the memory modules. We even drew him a diagram to explain to him how and why having bad memory would affect his computer.

In fact, if we didn't look at the memory, please allow me to propose a question; "How did we know the memory was bad to be able to tell him that he needed to replace it with his own admission that we assisted him in calling Lenovo to order more memory to replace the bad ones?" We also ran testing to see if his hard drive was producing any errors as is part of our evaluation process and he is aware of that as well as he was sitting right there while we were explaining what we were doing and how the testing works. In regards to the charge for the call, Lester requested that we speak to Lenovo on his behalf. We explained to him that if we represent him on the phone, this uses time and is a service that we offer, we would charge for this. We helped him find a proper phone number online for Lenovo support so that he could call tech support on his own and he didn't have to pay us to handle the call for him.

He dialed their phone number immediately and handed us the phone and said, you talk. The call went on for over 40 minutes while we worked with technical support explaining his issues, set up the memory exchange and assisted him with finding an authorized Lenovo repair center that would install his memory for free. We charged $40.00 for representing him; saving him at least 4 hours of troubleshooting on the phone with tech support. We find this charge to be more than fair.

MEMORY MODULES REPLACEMENT CORRECTED ALL ISSUES Furthermore, he is not mentioning that our suggestion to him to replace the memory modules apparently has corrected the rest of the issues that he is complaining about because they were being caused by a bad piece of hardware that needed to be replaced. He chose to have the authorized Lenovo repair center in Tampa replace it instead of us. We offered that if he wasn't comfortable with our service that we could provide him with names and phone numbers of other local companies that would put the memory in faster than waiting to go to Tampa so his computer could have the hardware repaired immediately and he wouldn't have these issues every time his Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer accessed the memory. He chose not to utilize our offer and wait until the next week to go to Tampa thus experiencing a degradation in his computer’s ability to function properly.

JUST A REALLY BAD SYSTEM FROM THE START This is a case of this client blaming us for them purchasing a bad system from someone else that had bad parts from the day they bought it. It's unfortunate but it happens. YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE We go out of our way to please everyone we can.

Occasionally you find the person that no matter what you do just isn't happy. That, unfortunately, is the case here.

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